Welcome to our website. Most of the information on this website is available for all to see without registration so just use the Main menu to select the information you are interested in.

However, some pages, such as those with lists of names and email addresses, are only available to WHERA residents.

These pages are only 1) List of committee members contacts, 2) List of Road Representatives contacts and 3) the Association Accounts. All other pages are freely available and do not require a password.

To access the restricted information residents in the area are requested to register  by clicking on the Log On/Off item on the Main menu. On the Log On page click the "Don`t have an account?" entry and you will be presented with a registration form. Please enter your real name and surname in the Name field with Mr and Mrs etc. if you like. For Username you can enter your email address as the easiest to remember. For a password choose a secure password which you can change if forgotten. Finally enter your email address which we use to advise you when registration has been accepted. It may also be used occasionally in the future to advise you of information related to the aims of the association. Your email address will be held securely on this website and will not be shared with anyone else.

The Captcha field is only there to show that a human being is registering and not another computer  Just enter the characters you see in the picture. If you can`t read them just click the top blue square to get another "Challenge".

Please be aware that registrations are monitored and it may take a few hours before registration is accepted when you will be advised to the email address you supplied. If you have not received this advice after 24 hours please contact your Road Representative for information. If necessary, you can contact the Chairman or Membership Secretary through the Contact Us item in the Main menu.

Once registered all you need to do to see the restricted information is to click the Log On/Off item in the main menu and then enter your Username and Password in the fields provided and click Log in. When you have finished please log off through the Log On/Off item in the Main menu.

We hope you will find some interesting and useful information here but if you find anything wrong or can't find what you think should be available please use the Contact Us item on the main menu to contact the Officer you think most likely to have the answer. If in doubt please choose the Website Manager or the Chairman.


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