Neighbourhood Watch

PCSO Tim Darling is our Police Community Support Officer for Kippington.

PSE 61170 Pria Webster is our volunteer Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer for West Kent on 01622 604395 or at

Kelly Webb is the Community Safety Team Leader of the Community Safety Unit (CSU) at the Sevenoaks District Council (227000).

David Wigg (455446) is registered as our Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and is receiving information by e-mail about local crimes, warnings about criminal activity including phone and email scams, and requests for information from the public.  The police would very much like this weekly information to be forwarded to all residents with access to email.  

If you would like to see these messages please contact David at  who is maintaining an e-mail list on of WHERA residents for this purpose. For your information his computer is protected by Microsoft Security Essentials so his e-mails should be free of any unwanted computer viruses etc.

Additionally the West Kent Neighbourhood Watch publish by e-mail a comprehensive list of criminal activity in the Sevenoaks area (amongst others) twice a week. To see what information is available you can visit their website at You can request the twice weekly summary for Sevenoaks & Swanley to be sent to you by e-mail by subscribing on that site.

A particular concern that we’ve raised with our local police is speeding of vehicles, both within the area and along Weald Road and the main Tonbridge Road, and we have requested them to arrange for speed checks to be operated from time to time to encourage motorists to observe the limits and drive considerately.

To support this drive some volunteer residents have got together under the auspices of WHERA to undertake Speedwatch training (2012) and they will soon be setting up speed checks in the WHERA area from time to time. Unfortunately this initiative has been suspended through a lack of new volunteers (2017).

Of course, road safety in our area is considerably enhanced by residents and their visitors parking on the road only when necessary and avoiding parking on pavements or verges and not near bends or junctions.

Tim would be pleased to hear from any resident about any matters of local concern and he can be contacted through the Police front desk in the District Council offices, Argyle Road on 379371 or 379383 between 9:00am and 5:00pm..

Further local policing information can be obtained from

For further information about our Neighbourhood Watch please see the Neighbourhood Watch articles list here.