The Road Representative is a resident`s first point of contact with WHERA. We aim to have one Road Rep for every 20-25 houses so there could be 2 or 3 in a longer road. Ideally a Road Rep lives in their road but this is not always possible and we sometimes have to ask volunteers to look after some of a nearby road.


Residents should see their Road Rep at least once a year when they deliver the annual Newsletter and collect the voluntary annual subscription, usually somewhere between June and September. From time to time they may deliver other material for the information of residents such as meeting notices, Neighbourhood Watch leaflets etc


Residents can contact their Road Rep with any problem they have with their road or the area as a whole, including Planning, for guidance or assistance. The Road Rep may pass the problem on to someone else on the Committee who may be better able to help.


If you would like to contact your Road Rep you should find their name and address or contact number on the laminated Contacts card or your last Newsletter but if these are not available you can phone the Membership Secretary (Colin Drage on 459339) who will be able to put you onto the correct person.


A complete List of Road Representatives for all our roads is available to our residents who need to register first as described in the "Introduction" to be able to view this restricted information..


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