The Association welcomes Road Representatives for providing the “eyes and ears” of local knowledge and for spreading the load of delivering newsletters and collecting annual subscriptions from their “patch” once a year.  We aim to have one Road Rep for every 20-25 houses. Ideally a Road Rep lives in their road but this is not always possible and we sometimes have to ask volunteers to look after some of a nearby road.


The annual subscriptions are usually collected from residents when the annual Newsletter is ready to be delivered which is usually somewhere from June to September.


Road Reps are occasionally asked to deliver other material such as information relating to Neighbourhood Watch or Trading Standards and of course Notices of the AGM and any special or re-arranged meetings etc.


Road Reps are asked to act upon or report to the Amenities Secretary any amenity problem in their road, such as potholes, failed street lights, flooded drains etc.


Road Reps are also asked to report any Neighbourhood Watch concerns they might have to the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.


Road Reps are encouraged to attend Committee Meetings to learn what else is going on in the area and to meet Committee Members and other Road Reps but this is not essential.


1. Road Representatives represent the residents in their part of the road.

They have 20 – 25 houses to look after. There may be 3 of them in a long road such as The Rise or Weald Road, 2 as in Garth Road, or just 1 as in Turners Gardens for example. Currently there are 18 Road Reps. in all.

2. Their residents should feel free to approach them with queries, complaints and suggestions about their environment and the essential infrastructure of the estate. Infrastructure includes roads, pavements, drainage, power, lighting, communications and signage etc.

3. They can deal with minor problems themselves or refer bigger ones to an appropriate officer on the Committee; Membership, Planning, Amenities or Neighbourhood Watch.

4. Road Representatives also represent the Committee in their part of the road.

They will talk to residents and deliver material occasionally as decided by the Committee and collect an annual voluntary subscription for the Association when delivering the annual newsletter.

5. They should encourage neighbourliness and household security and also keep an eye on any vulnerable resident(s) in their part of the road.

Principal activities

1. The major task is an annual delivery of a Newsletter and simultaneous collection of a voluntary subscription from each house. Road Representatives will be provided with the known list of residents as at the previous year’s collection. They note amounts collected and any change of resident on the list for the following year’s list.

Road Reps endeavour to find residents at home before leaving a Newsletter. However, if they are not found in after three or four weekly visits the Newsletter can be delivered with a "Sorry I missed you" note requesting payment of a subscription when possible.

All residents are assumed to be members of the Association (including Neighbourhood Watch) whether they pay a subscription or not and everyone should receive a Newsletter.

Other information may be delivered with the Newsletter or occasionally at other times such as Notice of the AGM and sometimes with information from the Police, the Office of Fair Trading or any other similar organisations.

2. Subscription collections are then returned to the Membership Secretary (or direct to the Treasurer by arrangement) who summarises them and then forwards them to the Treasurer with copies of the road lists.

3. Road Representatives should take responsibility for any problems arising in their part of the road and either deal with them themselves or pass them on to an appropriate officer of the Committee or bring the problem to the notice of the Committee at a Committee meeting.

Lighting problems can be referred directly to Kent County Council Highways at 0845 824 7800 quoting the reference no. on the lamp-post. Lighting problems can also be reported through the KCC Home page as described in our Amenities section.

Overflowing drains should be referred to Thames Water on 0800 316 9800  or  0845 920 0800.

4. A new responsibility from 2011 is encouraging residents near junctions, bends or hills to store free road salt from the Association for spreading it on the road prior to forecast snowfall.

This was suspended in 2014 as we no longer had a secure storage area for fresh deliveries of stock. It was also considered rather expensive. However, some residents still have a stock of road salt and they are requested to continue to use it on the road until it is used up.

5. Road Representatives are recommended to attend Full Committee meetings (4 per year including the AGM in March/April (for the previous year)) but this is not essential.

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