Role of Membership Secretary

1. Maintains and publishes list of Road Representatives for each Road Representative,
 2. Maintains and distributes a list of houses for each Road Representative for the collection of subscriptions and delivery of Newsletters each year,
 3. Organises the distribution of Newsletters via the Road Representatives and controls the collection of subscriptions for the Treasurer each year,
 4. Organises the distribution of any other material, eg. AGM Notices, Neighbourhood Watch information etc. via the Road Representatives as requested by the Committee, 
5. Liaises with the Website Manager to,
    a.  maintain the information about the Road Representatives on the website, 
    b.  advise the email addresses of those residents willing for us to contact them by email.
6. Liaises with the Committee to recruit new Road Representatives as necessary.
1. Use a computer to,
    a. Maintain the list of Road Representatives with their addresses, phone nos. and their lists of houses,
    b. Maintain email lists of Executive Committee and Road Representatives,
    c. Copy and update the list of houses with residents` names for each Road Representative each year,
    d. Copy and update the Subscriptions Summary to control collection of subscriptions each year,
    e. Prepare covering letters for road rep deliveries,
    f.  Prepare standard "Sorry I missed you" notes for Road Representatives to use where residents were not found in after 3/4 attempts when collecting subscriptions.
2.  Arrange for the printing of Newsletters, AGM notices, packaging them and delivering them to the Road representatives with any other material agreed by the committee.
3. Maintain a record of cash subscriptions received for delivery to the Treasurer with copies of the road lists,
4. Recording subscriptions delivered direct to the Treasurer to agree the total subscriptions received for the year with the Treasurer.
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