Role of Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

The WHERA Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator promotes Neighbourhood Watch policies in the WHERA area by,

1.  Maintaining contact with the West Kent Neighbourhood Watch Association (WKNWA) and the West Kent Police Neighbourhood Watch Liaison officer,

2.  Promoting and maintaining a list of residents on the WHERA website database who have registered their interest in receiving regular information from the police and WKNWA etc.,

3.  Communicating with all residents from time to time through the WHERA Newsletter and distributing other SDC, KCC, Police or Trading Standards information to the list as they may arise,

4.  Maintaining the Neighbourhood Watch information on the WHERA website,

5.  Resolve any security problem brought to you by a resident, and if necessary, by reference to the local police.

Principal activities

1.  Maintain the membership database on the WHERA website of those members who have requested to receive regular information from the police etc. about local criminal activity, security advice and requests for information from the police. See below.

2.  Forward messages from the police, electronic copies of the WatchOut Newsletter, Sevenoaks District Community Safety News, KCC Alerts and any other appropriate publications to the list.

3.  Examine the twice weekly list from E-Watch (West Kent Neighbourhood Watch) of police advice and list of criminal activity for any relevant local activity and/or advice that might be extracted and forwarded to the list.

4.  Maintain the Neighbourhood Watch information on the website, if necessary with the assistance of the Website Manager.

5.  Attend the West Kent Neighbourhood Watch Association AGM.

6.  Attend WHERA Committee meetings (4/5 times a year) and the AGM in March.

7.  Prepare and deliver an annual report for the AGM.

8.  Prepare a contribution for the annual WHERA Newsletter.

9.  Anything else the Co-ordinator thinks would be beneficial to the security interests of any WHERA members.


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