The Website Manager,

1. Provides a link between the WHERA Committee and the original Developer (who created the site for us),

2. Responds to Committee members responsible for sections of the website to support them in maintaining their section of the website or maintaining it for them,

3. Updates the core data of the website, such as Names and Addresses, Newsletters, AGM Minutes, Accounts, etc. as necessary,

4.  Maintains the "Registered" residents email addresses on the website. These enable WHERA to email residents on matters relating to their membership of WHERA. Residents may register themselves or request to be placed on the "Registered" list.

5. Refers to the Developer for information on how to maintain and develop the structure of the website as required.

6. Monitors the correct functioning of the website.

Principle activities

1. Responding to requests for assistance from Committee members responsible for sections of the website,

2. Responding to requests from the Committee for statistics and other information stored on the website,

3.  Updating the list of "Registered" residents and sending "mass" mailing when requested by the Committee

4. Checking the correct functioning of the website and suggesting improvements,

5. Liaising with the Developer for information about maintenance and for any further development as required,

7. Maintaining a file on how to carry out regular maintenance of the website for the benefit of future Website Managers.

8. Attending Committee meetings (7/8 times a year) and the AGM in April.

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